Split Engineering Chile Limitada has implemented a series of specific training modules for the various our software packages and the products we represent from JK Tech. With special facilities in the office or at nearby hotels, Split Engineering Chile can host training sessions or is available to travel to your site to perform any of the available training sessions. Training is available at Split Engineering in its Tucson, Arizona office for Split Engineering software products only, not the JK products.

Training Descriptions

Mining Area


Split-Desktop Software: Split-Desktop training starts with teaching image acquisition philosophy through the software operation and comprehension.



Split-Net Service: Split-Net training covers teaching image acquisition philosophy and techniques, as well as how to send images to Split Engineering.



JKSimBlast: JKSimblast training can be taught as an entire package or can be taught separately depending upon your operations. Specifically, open pit, or underground mining, starting in each case with comprehension of blasting concepts involved in software using, in such a way learning be optimal.

Contact us for more detail on course contents and calendar of courses!

Processing Area


Split-Online: This training is oriented to Split-Online’s operation, maintenance and administration; those who require training will have to determine the level of proficiency they want to achieve and take the corresponding courses listed below. The entire training course will require 4 days, 10 educational hours each day.



JKSimMet: JKSimMet training, this consist on two levels, a basic level for software operators and an advance training for software administrator, the difference between them is the capability of the trained person to work with the software. The basic training will have duration of 2 days, while the advance training will have duration of 5 days, with 10 educational hours each day in both cases.

Contact us for more detail on course contents and calendar of courses!