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Split-Onine Version 5.0 Software- Now Available!

Rock Size Management to Increase Profitability

Split-Online® is the industry approved standard for automated coarse rock fragmentation size measurement software and has been installed at more than 140 different mine operations with over 560 camera locations on 5 continents.  

Through deployment of cameras at shovels with Split-ShovelCam, at haul trucks with Split-TruckCam and on conveyors with Split-ConveyorCam, the central Split-Online software provides the key metric of rock fragmentation size at crucial points in the comminution process to enhance process control.  Our systems are automated, online, camera vision imaging systems for rock particle size measurement from shovels, hydraulic excavators, haul trucks and on conveyors.

Split Engineering has the experience to design, commission, service and support your rock particle size system. No company in the industry has more cumulative personnel experience with coarse particle size measurement systems and software than Split Engineering.

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Rock Fragmentation Analysis Presentation (English) Rock Fragmentation Analysis Presentation (Spanish)


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Maximize your crushing and conveying process to improve operation efficiency and increase product recovery.  The central Split-Online software processes images from the Split-ConveyorCams throughout your process to provide the key metric of rock particle size.

 Primary Crusher.

  • Optimize blasting: Measurement of primary crusher rock fragmentation feed provides feedback to the blast plan if truck is tied to the bench location. Relate ore type variation feeding the comminution circuit to help forecast crusher throughput.
  • Increase crusher throughput: Provides information for control of crusher settings. An operator can manually make adjustments to crusher settings based on crusher product readings or information can be fed into control strategy for use in auto-control of crushers.

 SAG and AG Mills.

  • Increase mill throughput: Provides measurement of rock fragmentation feed size that enables proper proportioning of fines and critical sizes. Provides a reliable and consistent measurement of feed size as a predictor of mill throughput.
  • Enhance expert control: Provides key metric for use in a feed forward expert control strategy. In addition to the rock particle size, the system can also provide information on particle shape and color.

 Monitor your process in real-time.

  • Alert when screen deck is broken or a crusher gap setting is out of specification.
  • Reduces the need for frequent and costly sampling of materials on conveyors.
  • Allows reasonable determination of particle size where it may not be possible to do it by any other method such as truck direct feed to primary crusher and crusher apron feeders.
  • Allows for both active expert control/higher level process control as well as passive product quality control with information available in real-time.
  • Allows the operation to manage the ore particle size, shape and color variability in the process on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, month-by-month or year-by-year basis.


Split-ConveyorCam for Aggregate Industry

Split-ConveyorCam for Aggregate Industry

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Split-Online software customized for the needs of aggregate operations.

  • Aggregate Statistics: Aspect Ratio (Averages and % per Sieve Size) and Surface Area.
  • Customizable Script Analysis Equations for Sieve Size, 3rd Axis, Volume and Surface Area.
  • Trend Plots with Product Spec Bounds.
  • Special consideration is made for screened material that falls within a tight specification of size range. In addition, particle shape and surface area calculations are also available outputs.