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Send the images direct from your device to Split Engineering for processing via email or FTP!

Take advantage of Split Engineering's expertise in image processing and accurately assess your rock fragmentation size distributions! The Split-Net service is provided as an alternative to purchasing the Split-Desktop® software. The Split-Net service dramatically reduces a mine engineer or technician's time for assessing rock fragmentation. Over the past eighteen years we have processed thousands of images to determine size distributions, and therefore by using the Split-Net service, you are utilizing the highest expertise available in the industry.

Service and Pricing Info

Service and Pricing Info

The way that the Split-Net service works is as follows: you or your personnel will be responsible for capturing images of rock fragments in a location where the size distribution is desired. Locations for capturing images could include muck piles, haul trucks, leach piles, draw points, conveyor belts, or other locations. The images would be captured using either a digital or video camera. Upload the images to the Split Engineering server (or email the images), and within five business days your size distribution curves are returned.

The cost for the Split-Net service is an initial set-up fee followed by a fixed price per image that covers processing, producing size distribution plots and tables, and return of the size results. Reports or on-site consulting are available for an additional fee.

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Split-Net Manual

Split-Net Manual

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