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Version 4.0 now available!  Now safer, faster and easier to use than ever!

Use our new Split Camera smart device App to acquire muckpile images without the need for scale objects in the scene.  Images acquired using the App for the auto-scale feature are compatible with Version 4.

For safer and easier image acquisition, download our Split Camera app from Google Play and the Apple App Store today!




Split-Desktop® is the industry approved software standard for manual, off-line coarse rock fragmentation size determination. More than 500 licenses have been sold in its 16 year history. Digital images acquired in the field can be analyzed on a laptop or at the office to determine the particle size distribution of your fragmented rock at any stage in the comminution process. The source of these images can be a muck pile, haul truck, leach pile, draw point, waste dump, stockpile, conveyor belt, rip rap, sediment or any other situation where clear images of rock fragments can be obtained. Within Split-Desktop, the images are manually scaled and edited for optimum accuracy.


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  • New smart device App for image acquisition without scale objects
  • All new interface with better, faster, easier file management and organization
  • Better, faster, simpler particle delineations
  • Improved editing tools and tool-tips
  • Automation and scripting to save time and provide customization to your workflow
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Price Information

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