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JKSimMet is an award-wining general-purpose computer software package for the analysis of comminution and classification circuits in mineral processing operations. It incorporates industrial strength models developed at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre. The package is designed for plant and development metallurgists who wish to apply process analysis techniques to characterize plant behavior and design engineers who require process simulation models to assess design alternatives.

JKSimMet integrates all tasks associated with data analysis, optimization, design and simulation, including the storage and manipulation of models, data and results, within one package. Mass balancing and model fitting of complete circuits are standard features. It is fully interactive and operates with high-resolution color graphics. These graphics facilitate the display of detailed plant flowsheets and accompanying information.

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Steady State Processing Plant Sim. Software (windows & buttons)
Features & Characteristics


JKSimMet V6 contains the validated and accurate JKMRC models but with a completely redesigned user interface which allows for greatly improved data presentation and user interaction

The older versions of JKSimMet required names for units, streams and list whilst JKSimMet provides default names which can be edited.

Data transfer has also been simplified with full copy and paste from any Windows clipboard application. This is a great benefit as it is now only a few keystrokes to copy and paste data into JKSimMet and graphs, flowsheets and results into other Windows packages (e.g. MS Excel).

JKSimMet contains an extensive report generation facility for printing simulation results.

Another major feature of JKSimMet is the on-line help files. Now extensive help files are available when you are using the software package. Not only do the help files tell you how to operate JKSimMet, they also provide valuable background information on the crushing, grinding, screening and classification models. These details have been taken form the JKMRC monograph “Mineral Comminution Circuits – their Operation and Optimisation”

JKSimMet contains the following process models:

  • Rod Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Autogenous Mill
  • Semi- Autogenous Mill
  • Cone Crusher
  • HPGR Crusher
  • Two Rolls Crusher
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Single deck screen
  • Hydrocyclone
  • Etc.

- Easy transfer of information.

- Incorporates model parameters specified by user.

- On-line help.

JKSimMet provides engineers with a powerful tool in performance analysis of mineral processing plants flowsheets.

JKSimMet can simulate an infinite number and variety of circuits.



JKSimMet V6 has the following objectives:

  • JKSimMet allows construction of mathematical models of circuits of interest by employing data analysis techniques including mass balancing and model calibration.
  • JKSimMet uses the calibrated models to conduct simulations to investigate and compare different machine settings (e.g. ball load or vortex finder diameter) or even modified flowsheets.
  • JKSimMet allows flowsheets optimization by simulation techniques.
  • JKSimMet allows evaluation of different flowsheets to reach required performance objectives.
  • JKSimMet allows creation of conceptual design studies.
  • JKSimMet offers engineers capability to design and improve any crushing or grinding circuit including classification stages.
  • JKSimMet allows monitoring and refining without interruptions to operating mineral processing plants.


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