Split-ConveyorCam automatically captures and processes images of conveyor belt material.
Split‐ShovelCam automatically captures and processes images of post‐blast muckpiles.
Split‐TruckCam automatically captures and processes images of primary crusher feed.
Obtain particle size analysis at different locations including muck piles, leach piles, truck dumps and more with Split-Desktop.
Split-FX point cloud processing software. Geotechnical analysis using modern 3D imaging technologies.
Split-ConveyorCam Split-ShovelCam Split Desktop Split Fx Split Truck Cam

Rock Size Management

to Increase Profitability

Split Engineering provides measurements to manage fragmentation from blast to mill to improve mine profits.

Quantify your Fragmentation: Split Engineering is the leader in providing coarse rock size measurement systems and software for every stage in the comminution process.

Since 1997, Split Engineering has been providing systems, software and service to the worldwide mining industry to enable process measurement and control.

Oversize detection with Split-Online Version 5


  • Oversize rocks cause a jump in Topsize value trends that can be seen immediately.
  • Monitor oversize to avoid sending out of spec rocks to the final product.
  • Reduce production delays and avoid double handling and removal of product.
  • Detect screen deck breaks immediately for immediate minimal repairs.
  • Measurements exceed the topsize value threshold will be automatically saved by Split-Online with an Excel Log. Also, the images that cause the alarm will be saved so that operators can verify prior to inspecting the belt, thus reducing the time of belt inspections if false alarm.