Split-Desktop Download


Click the link below to download!

Split-Desktop 4.4.exe

Thank you for your interest in Split-Desktop.


  1. Click on the “Split-Desktop 4.4.exe” link above. Remember what folder you put the install file in.
  2. Run the install file by double-clicking on the “Split-Desktop 4.4.exe” file.
  3. After you have downloaded, installed, and run the Split-Desktop demo for the first time, you will receive a Request Code and be prompted to activate the software.  Respond to the email with the download link and send the Request Code.  The Activation Code for your license will be returned as soon as possible.
  4. You may wish to download the Tutorial for a brief overview of how to operate Split-Desktop.
  5. You may also refer to the Quick-Start Guide in the Help File of the Split-Desktop software.